Wednesday, June 18

Knitting from stash

Yarn diet is kicking in - but it's no great sacrifice! I have dug out the sock leftovers that Laura sent me last year in the Sockapalooza exchange, and am whipping up some cute little sockettes, possibly a prez for little sis if I get them done in time for her birthday!

I love the colours of the variegated yarn, and the two fit extremely well together. Enjoying a bit of no-effort sock creation at the moment - which is just as well since our house is currently dominated by Euro 2008 of an evening. That's soccer, for those of you who are reading this stateside! I would put a link in but it keeps crashing my Mac - suggest you Google for it yourself if you are at all interested (*snore*).


natalie said...

Ah, the wonders of a mac-cam.

Are you spinning in the Tour de Fleece on ravelry... that would provide more yarn for your stash, and you'd get double the pleasure for your £ because you'd have all that lovely spinning to enjoy as well.


laura said...

That's so pretty without the dark purple interruptions that it almost makes me wish I had not done the skyscrapers. Almost. :D

And yeah, one of the Russians here at work is watching France/Italy as I type this.