Wednesday, June 11

All about me!

Thanks to Jane, who tagged me for this meme.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I would have to dig out my 1998 diary to give you more details, but one thing I do know for sure is that I had just started in my present job - editing an international engineering magazine. One thing that particularly sticks in my mind about it was the first conference I attended with my new boss and a couple of colleagues. It was a very small company so I already knew the managing director quite well after a couple of interviews and numerous telephone calls. We had already made a connection in the kind of matey way I'd been used to establishing working relationships during my time as an engineer on site - in those days it wasn't really accepted for women to swear and tell dirty jokes as much as I did, I guess I was a 'ladette' ahead of my time (tsk was I always so precocious?!). Anyway, the conference was in Amsterdam and we had trouble finding accommodation, ending up staying at the Botel (omigod it's still there! I just Googled it!) which was fine, if a little basic.
My boss had obviously stayed there before, and as we parted to go to our rooms after checking in, he nudged me and winked and said "Channel 24!" rather mysteriously. As soon as I switched on the TV I soon found out what he was talking about - channel 24 turned out to be 24-hour porn, complete with cheesy storylines and moustachioed Dutchmen!
This introduction to the company did give me pause for thought about my career change - but I'm still here, so it didn't turn out so bad!

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?
Not counting the several work deadlines I have to meet, I have to make some biscuits and cake for this Saturday's Vauxhall City Farm's Sheep & Wool day; cast on for the next pair of socks; go to my Pilates class; water the seedlings on the balcony (although this might be cancelled looking at the grey sky outside right now) and phone my big sister, whom I haven't spoken to for ages.

3. Snacks I enjoy
Top of the list at the moment - Jacob's Cream Crackers with butter, new-season's cherries, salted crisps (cheese & onion only in desperation), salted peanuts (ditto dry roast), and CHEESE. All of which explains my figure ;-)

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Live by the sea somewhere in north Wales or on the west coast of Scotland and keep a few sheep. I would be a reclusive billionaire (dahling, reclusive millionaires are soooo last week!).

5. Places I have lived
Penmaenmawr in North Wales in 1991. This was probably the closest I got to reclusive. There were fantastic walks from my door up to the hills where there were wild ponies and standing stones.
Morley in West Yorkshire, not far from Leeds. I moved there from Penmaenmawr, it was quite a contrast but had the gritty charm of an ex-mill town. And a naff nightclub called 'After Dark'. All naff night clubs seem to be called either 'After Dark' or 'Deja Vu' or a name like 'Charlie's' (I wonder what goes on there then?!).
The rest of my life I either lived in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, or London (various parts from Fulham to Hither Green, but now settled in Deptford, which is slightly grimey but colourful and fun).

6. Jobs I have had.
Aside from my professional career (site engineer to magazine editor) I have had Saturday jobs in Woolies, Littlewoods and Sainsbury's (in West Kensington, full of famous people!), I have made pre-packed sandwiches in a factory, pulled pints in the Wheatsheaf pub in the West End, and worked as an assistant librarian at IBM in Richmond. These were all a loooong time ago....!

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