Sunday, August 29

Knit Nurse in knitting shock

On Friday night I joined Deadly Knitshade and the Stitch London crew for a Friday late at the Natural History Museum. We taught people to knit and helped them to make knitted squid. Or should that be squids?

Loads of people turned up to see the 8m-long knitted squid that Lauren had crafted using old carrier bags, as well as some of the smaller specimens that had been made by other members of the team.

I even managed to make something myself - my very own knitted squid who came home with me later to meet Croc and Herdy. The squid pattern is very simple to do - you only need the knit stitch and a couple of stick-on eyes to make it (or you could just sew eyes on if you wanted). The pattern is available here.

Meanwhile I have cast on for something a bit more substantial. Last week I bought the Sweet Pea Coat pattern from Twist Collective with the intention of buying some yarn to make it.

Instead I dug out this beautiful Rowan Harris Tweed Chunky from my stash where it has been languishing for some years. I've cast on various garments with it, over the years, but they have never succeeded. Hopefully this one will endure.

It's going damn quick and looks good so far - my main worry being whether I'm going to have enough yarn to finish it!

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lynda Howells said...

hi ... wish l had known about you knitting at the Natural history museum..would have come along and visited. i have also tried kniotting with old plastic was fun, especially as l am not really a knitter. Anyway, waving from Putney .Lyndax
I have two blogs. An image diary of everyday adventures!
and an Art blog
l enjoy your blog. x lynda