Saturday, August 14

Local foraging

Another great River Cottage Handbook, Hedgerow, prompted me to set out on a local foraging excursion a couple of weeks ago.

Here's what I found, within a comfortable cycle ride from home. I also picked the blackberries that I used for making the vinegar, and found a park full of trees laden with ripe wild plums. Unfortunately these were huge trees and it would have been impossible to pick the plums without a big ladder. By happy coincidence - or was it? - the park with the plums wasn't far from Plumstead.

Sloes - mental note to go back in September.

Fennel. Seeds later in the month?

Horseradish! Slightly contentious as I would have to dig it up for the root, but it will be fab with the beetroot...

Sea buckthorn. Apparently great for the juice.

Rowan berries - for jelly.

Not bad considering we are only a few miles from central London!


colleen said...

What a heap of finds. We went blackberrying on Walthamstow Marshes yesterday morning and got a heap of blackberries which I'm now wondering what to do with. I think at least some blackberrry vinegar is in order.

Anonymous said...

Also - wild rocket in abundance in Sue Godfrey nature park and I picked loads of blackberries in Brockley & Ladywell Cemeteries last week.