Friday, August 13

'Friends' reunited

While going through the 2001 diary I came across an email from a woman who got in touch with me on Friends Reunited. This is what it said:

Hi H

Saw your name and had to write - how could I not contact the girl who stole my first boyfriend??

Remember Peter D..., Newbold Green?

Well after all this time, I guess I forgive you, although it did leave me scarred for life and incapable of forging a lasting relationship with any man for fear he would run off with someone called H....only kidding!

I was Pennie H.... in those days and went from Newbold Green to St Helenas at the same time as you, only to leave in 1981 when my family moved to Lincolnshire.

So would love to hear how life developed for you, and whether you have any idea what happened to Peter - I still need to achieve closure on that particular relationship....


Not only do I have no recollection of this woman, apart a vague familiarity with her name, but I certainly didn't 'steal' Peter from anyone!

It's funny and quite sad that she was still brooding over him in 2001. I 'went out' with him for a couple of months in 1978 or thereabouts!

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