Saturday, March 10

Bits and bobs

This was a bit of an experiment to see if I could knit a teacosy in the round rather than having to stitch it together afterwards. Well it came out ok, ended up being a single piece, but I had to go backwards and forward on the sides to create the holes for the handle and spout. I'm a great believer that you should be able to pour your tea without removing the teacosy, so all those I've made so far have been in two pieces. It just needs something around the bottom to stop it from rolling up - I'm thinking about some crochet edging or something.

Just when I was struggling for inspiration, along came the new issue of Knitty which has some lovely designs in it. So I started off with the Lucia Croon yarn to create Palette - I've got just the right amount of yarn and it's just the kind of design I was looking for. The only problem being...have I got the stamina or will it end up being a place mat?! I'm not sure lace knitting is really for me - the thing I hate most is that you can't tell where you are just by looking at it (perhaps this comes with experience). I have to make sure I stop somewhere logical so that when I go back to it, I know which row I'm on. Normally I can tell that just by looking at the last couple of rows.

However I have learned that variegated yarn is very good for this kind of pattern - makes it much easier to tell which bit of the stitch you are meant to be knitting into, as you can see which is the last row and which the current one because the colours are different. Watch this space to see if I ever finish it....

The mittens are done - a gift to be bestowed shortly. I am also planning to whip up some of the new Dashing version for my male friend whose birthday it is next week. Yes, I'd better step on it!

Also loved the shaping on Ribena, although I'm not sure I'll be making the removable arms to go with it. So many patterns, so little time!!!

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rahime said...

I love the tea cozy! And I agree with you 100% about lace - every time I've tried it I end up throwing it across the room in tears. Yours looks good though, I think you have reason to be hopeful!