Wednesday, March 14

Yarn inheritance

A haul of colourful but unidentified yarns; the outcome of a little house clearance being carried out by my boss Carol in anticipation of the imminent sale of the London pad. Carol used to be an avid knitter - very fond of intarsia by all accounts - and since she no longer has the inclination or desire to knit (yeah, how does THAT work?!) she is donating her leftovers to me.

This is the first batch, and an intriguing mix it is too; all the same fibre and type of yarn, a whole range of colours but mostly only a single ball of each. I can't even begin to imagine what she intended to knit with this. None of the two-dozen odd balls still has its ball band, so I have to carry out a little experiment to try and gauge (haaaa!) the size and type.

This is the only 'clue' I got with the yarn. As useful as a chocolate teapot etc.

My guess is DK in 50g balls, and probably 100% wool by the feel of it. I think it was in the days before merino...! So I'm knitting up a swatch which I will then wash just to check. I'm thinking of socks, and I'm going to try and adapt this pattern to make my own design, perhaps a bit of colourwork in the top. If you hear no more of this project, assume it all went horribly wrong. Hopefully I'll be posting my results here in the near future.

Talking of horribly wrong, I have just done the first couple of rows for the Curse's cardy where you put all the pieces - sleeves and body - on the same circular. What?! Surely I'm not doing it right? More details tomorrow when I have stopped cursing the Curse.

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