Thursday, March 15

Me mo'ah!

Or 'my car' in SE London parlance. It's red. And it goes! Actually it goes like the proverbial doodah off a shovel on short trips, although I fear it may be a little slow on the longer trips. But it was free and will serve me for walks in the country at the weekend, and perhaps trips to the beach in the summer. (Do you like the way I blanked out the number plate? Cos I'm so famous that obviously I don't want the paparazzi following me)

Now that I am a bona fide car owner (about 15 years since I last owned one!) I promise that I will not complain about:
1. The Congestion Charge
2. Parking (lack of or cost of)
3. Fuel prices
4. Road tax
5. Traffic jams
6. Cyclists
7. Bus/taxi/lorry drivers
8. Pedestrian crossings


I will, however, just mention that after having the luxury of driving only hire cars for a decade, I'd forgotten how much hard work it is without power steering!

For me, owning a car is an unexpected bonus and one which I intend to enjoy until the car gives up or costs too much. I appreciate the freedom this will give me, but I still intend to keep short trips to foot, cycle or public transport unless I am buying heavy things. Let's see how it goes!

1 comment:

rahime said...

Oh my gosh, that looks just like our old car! (It was a Lada though... I think my husband still really misses it.) Anyway congrats and happy driving!