Friday, March 23

Learning to love short rows

The new socks are coming along; I like their simplicity and the colours, plus the fact that it's my very own 'design', with a little help from Amy. Those who have been reading my blog for a while will recall my ongoing struggle with toe-up socks; the 'magic' cast-on I tried first, turned out to be a 'mystic' cast-on for me as I couldn't work it out at all, and instead converted it to the crochet cast-on short row version, which worked ok if ending up a little messy down the sides of the toe. The sock itself was eventually frogged after a number of other frustrations, including the fact that it didn't fit when it was finished. Rather basic problem.

So I just want to say THANKYOU to Amy, hers is the first toe-up sock I've made where I've been proud of the finished toe. Her instructions were thorough and clear, they don't seem to miss anything out and enabled me to knit the toe very quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Sometimes more is more, particularly in terms of knitting patterns; now I am a convert and LOVE the toe-up sock (albeit still with the crochet cast-on - I think it will take a hands-on demonstration to convert me to the figure of eight/magic version).

Oh, and it's also my first short-row heel - normally I do heel flaps, but I have to admit the short-row heel was much easier and quicker.....!

Next design is going to have a pattern of some description...when I've finished the second sock of this pair, natch!


Nicola said...

Good work on the sock :) I've never tried toe-up myself but I'll have to bear Amy's pattern in mind if I do. Thanks for the idea about my lavender flowers, I'll have to see how much is left after filling up the sachets - hope I have some spare now!

rahime said...

That's pretty! And the short-rows get much much easier with practice. I can't believe how fast I can do them now! I really liked misocrafty's tutorial, the link to which I don't have right now, but it's google-able.