Friday, June 8

Luggage update

Well, the good news is that the luggage has been found! If all goes to plan, we could be in for a tearful reunion later today, although I think tomorrow is probably more likely.

My exchange with the call-centre made me laugh.

Call-centre lady: "Now madam, I need to ask you a few questions about your luggage. Can you tell me any three unique items that were inside the case?"

Me: "Yarn. Wool. For knitting. You knit with it. Knitting wool. That's W-O-O-L. Lots of it."


Spinayarn said...

Soken like a true knitter. I notice you have 'knit' before 'nurse' to show where your true allegiance lies.

Nicola said...

Phew! Glad to hear the errant yarn has been located. I was quite horrified when I read that not only suitcases but yarn had gone astray.