Friday, June 1

Ready to sock it to 'em!

Well, I finally got the yarn from the Yarn Yard (having b**gered off on holidays just after ordering it was not probably the best idea..) but it was worth the wait! Lovely brown, fawn, orangey shades - I do hope my sock pal will like it, she said she wanted browns!

And after a few false starts and unworkable ideas, I've decided to use Cookie A's Baudelaire sock pattern since it fits in terms of gauge, and I love the pattern!

Well I've got a few long flights and long waits in the next few days during my trip to the USA, so by the time I return later in the week, there will be either progress, or despair to report!! Keep your fingers crossed for the former!


sockpal said...

Coming to the US huh? Whereabouts? Have you been here before?

Nicola said...

Fingers firmly crossed for you :)

Knit Nurse said...

hi Sockpal - this is my annual trip to Pittsburgh for a conference. I'm looking out of the hotel at the river right now! Yes, I've visited quite a few of your states, but all on business I'm afraid so my experience is very much hotels, conference rooms and airports. :-(