Saturday, June 23

Young Jose

Tee hee! Quite cute huh? And Young Jose's not so bad either. You can't actually see the i-cords that tie it on under his chin, but I thought it was a very pleasing little project.
I will endeavour to link to the pattern when I can find it again!


Maggie said...

Oh Bless! Did you have to read the Robot story again? My elder daughter loved a book (poem) called "Susan shouted shark", we had to read it every night for months, we knew it by heart at the end. But I think she was a bit older - 5/6 maybe. Sadly it's out of print now, or I'd recommend it. Lovely bright illustrations too - set under the strong Australian sun.

Best wishes from grey Liverpool

smug sheep said...

Oh yes very cute. I couldn't see how the shape would work from the previous post, but it looks great on Jose

anna said...

Cute, cute, cute! Hi little Jose!!! Great job on the hat. Having a functionally adorable hat is always a great thing. :-D

rahime said...

Too cute! I love it!