Thursday, June 21

Little cap

Apologies for the poor photo; it's late, there's no natural light and I have no small child to model the hat I've just finished. What's more, I don't even have the link to hand to show you where I got the pattern from. Shall I get my coat?!

Have patience and you will be rewarded. In the meantime, this is a crap photo of the little hat I've just whipped up for Young Jose, who I am to visit tomorrow. You've met YJ before, in his fancy cardi. I just hope the hat will be as well received!


Dipsy said...

Well, I'm pretty patient, really ;) I totally love this little cap, it's so cute and the color combo you chose makes it all the more adorable! Gorgeous!

Maggie said...

Mmmm, yummy colours! Look forward to seeing it properly modelled.

Best wishes from grey Liverpool