Wednesday, January 17

Something from the archives

Some time ago, when Jose Junior was just a gentle wrinkle in Steph's maternity trousers, I started thinking about something small, complex and washable that I could give as a gift when he finally made his debut. But since he was planning to emerge in the middle of summer, and I wanted to make this gorgeous little Trellis cardie, I thought it best to make it for the 12 month size.

This is the scale at which I think cable patterns really come into their own. Big enough to handle without too much fiddle (still sore about Widdershins!) but not so big that they take forever to finish. I really enjoyed doing this project, and now it seems that it's Joselito's favourite outfit. This picture was emailed to Jose senior this morning by Joselito's grandparents in the Lakes where he's enjoying a little jaunt. It was probably in response to our conversation about it yesterday, but I like to think it was a complete coincidence and that the cardie is real famous.

Incidentally, if you want to hear someone cooing and clucking over babies and lambs, you're on the wrong blog. Knit Nurse only coos over finished projects and yarn.


smug sheep said...

Glad you've joined us in the blogosphere, v. impressed with the cardigan on recipient. Hope to see you in person soon

Lolly said...

Ah, what a cutie! The cardigan is adorable. I have seen some great versions of that little knit. I love the green you chose ;)