Sunday, January 14

A learning process

And I'm not just talking about the toe-up socks that I've been struggling with, this whole blogging business is proving a bit more challenging that I originally expected. The Blogger home page boasts that editing your blog is essentially a piece of piss now that they have their new system. It makes me wonder what it was like before, or am I just being penalised for having a Mac? *sigh*.
To be fair, things like posting an entry are pretty easy, although I had to get someone to show me how to put a hyperlink into the text using html. I've now realised that was because I was viewing Blogger on Safari (the Mac browser) rather than Internet Explorer or Firefox. But it turns out that little lesson was quite helpful when it came to putting a new button on my sidebar. I had decided that no knitting blog can be complete without being part of a knit-along type thing, so I thought I would join Project Spectrum. The scheme is all about exploring different colours in your creative meanderings, rather than sticking to the same old favourites. I am hellishly guilty of this.
So I chose my button, copied it to the desktop, and then went into Blogger to find the easy peasy command for 'upload button to sidebar'. Hmm, they must have forgotten that one. Two days of head-scratching and experimentation have offered the following solution: create a new post, upload picture (button) to this post, making sure you tick the box to place the picture in the centre, and save the post as draft. Copy the html code for the picture, then go into templates, tick on 'add html code', paste the code into the box, and save. Hey presto! And my lesson from the other day even enabled me to alter the code so that when you click on the button, you go to the Project Spectrum page, OPENING IN A NEW WINDOW!
That's enough geeky stuff; apologies but I just wanted to brag a bit, I feel so proud! Go on, what are you waiting for? Click on the damn button now it's there!

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