Monday, January 29

Killer on the loose

True to my word, here's the Flooze's Killer Tea Cosy, knitted up on Friday night over a few cups of tea. Much admiration was directed towards the new tea cosy, particularly the crafty way in which it was designed so that the tea could be poured without having to remove the tea cosy. Ooh, these new-fangled ideas!
Some may mock, but when you see the poor excuse for a tea cosy that the Killer has seen off, perhaps you can understand!

1 comment:

Flooze said...

The Knit-Nurse Chronicles dontcha just hate 'em? 'Poor excuse' indeed!! I must protest in the strongest possible terms. Its nothing short of tea cosy abuse.

The Knit-Nurse Chronicles - dontcha just love em? The Knit-Nurse does for tea time what Trinny and Susannah have been trying to do for poor unfortunates for years except with more panache, style and ahem, tact????