Friday, January 12

Oops, fell off the wagon again

So much for the attempted stash diet in January. In fact I think I'm on something of a stash binge at the moment. I won't elaborate, just in case the Curse is reading this, but there have been a few Notable Incidences since the start of the new year and I seriously need to get working on some new projects.
Here is the outcome of the latest Incident, which was aided and abetted by I Knit. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Craig and Gerard's lovely shop is just around the corner from where I work. I've been very good so far, and on this occasion no-one could argue that it wasn't money well spent..could they? And what's more, it wasn't just a random splurge - well, only the glittery crochet hook was an impulse buy, but it would have been rude not to when it was only £1.99.

The Colinette is destined to be another Killer Tea Cosy for my friend Flooze. I'm off to visit her in Somerset in a couple of weeks, and she's brought it to my attention, quite rightly, that she has not been the recipient of any Knit-Nurse products, despite the fact that they've been rolling (ahem, crawling) off the production line for several years. She is fond of a cup of tea or seven, and in dire need of a new tea cosy to oust the outrageously kitsch WI-produced effort that currently graces her capacious pot. Speaking of which, I may have to get a picture of the aforementioned cosy, just to prove my point. Cheers, Flooze!

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