Wednesday, January 31

The things we do for love

Yeah, like struggling on with the Curse's jumper despite the risk of losing the will to live. Actually I have to be honest, it's a great project to take to the pub, very easy to chat and knit on this one, and dead easy to spot the mistakes before it's all gone too far!

If you are looking at the picture and remarking to yourself that I don't seem to have got very far considering the amount of whinging I've been doing about it, please rest assured that this is the start of the first sleeve, the lower body is all finished and waiting on the circulars at home for the two sleeves to be added. I have to admit I'm not particularly relishing this moment, as it will mean EVEN LONGER rows and EVEN MORE DIFFICULT TO MANOEUVRE lump of knitting. Oh well, it will be worth it, I hope, when it's finally finished.

Since I started this blog, I have received many queries as to why I refer to my treasured live-in lover as the Curse. It's nothing to do with his vocabulary, although I admit his language can be very colourful during stressful, often football-related incidents. Neither does it refer to my feelings towards him; he has both cheekiness and good music taste in large measure, as he has just reminded me (although they had obviously run out of modesty by this stage in proceedings) by which means he endears himself to me. In fact his name originates from his chat-room handle The Curse of Millhaven, title of a rather gruesome Nick Cave song. Read the lyrics here if you wish; I'm not sure what it says about him that he chose this song, but somehow the blog name just seemed to work!

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