Friday, January 12

Go on, label me.

Shocking how much joy can be bought for a tenner. I was really thrilled when these labels turned up in the post yesterday. I hope it will give me a bit more impetus to finish some of the works-in-progress (or should I say works-in-waiting) that are lingering around at home. Check out Woven Labels UK for your own version - there's a link in the sidebar (apologies, I'm still new to this blogging thing and haven't yet bothered to work out how to put clickable links in here). I'm working on the assumption that even if my finished project doesn't quite cut it, the label will make the difference!
Incidentally, in case you give a shit, the glorious brown item on which the labels are displayed is the unfinished object that will be my mum's birthday present. Her birthday is now less than a week away, but I have a whole week in which to finish it since I won't be seeing her until the day after, phew! It's going to be a bag for her yoga mat, crocheted in DK cotton to a pattern devised by yours truly. If and when it is finished, and if and when it proves the right size, I will post more details.

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