Monday, January 22

Cold hands, warm heart?

Here's just a peek at the last-minute gift I'm knocking up for Flooze, whom I am planning to descend upon this weekend. The Killer Tea Cosy I mentioned in my previous post will be cobbled together, er I mean lovingly crafted, during my stay so that I can make it fit properly.

But this shows the start of some gorgeous Fetching fingerless mittens that I will take as an extra gift, to keep her hands warm while minding her bookshop. Flooze is a very lovely woman, whose customer service in the bookshop is second to none. But do not abuse her or you will feel her wrath! I can exclusively reveal that the Flooze's wrath has been felt far and wide in the Somerset area, although I regret I am not at liberty to discuss the details of these events.

Anyway, where was I? The pattern for the mittens calls for a single ball of Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran; a quick rifle through my stash on Sunday night revealed that I did in fact possess the aforementioned item, leftover from a scarf I knitted for my mum last year. What's more, the ball was a lovely shade of heathery purple, one of the Flooze's favourite colours. I love it when things work out like that!

The only slight worry in my mind was that I might have to rush out at the last minute and scour the land for a second ball - the pattern does stress that you may need a little more, saying that the pattern as intended leaves only about a yard of yarn remaining. *Gulp*

I love the final chapter in this tale because it underlines the fact that I am SO RIGHT to save every leftover bit of yarn! The only bits that get thrown away are what I cut off the ends after I've woven them in (and even they get saved sometimes!)

Yes, you guessed it - I need about a yard more to complete the thumb on the second glove. And rifling through my bag of beginners yarns I found the leftovers of the scarf! I am a hoarder and I'm not afraid to say it!

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