Thursday, January 25

Make your own!

Just a quick update - I've put together a pattern for the yoga/pilates mat bag, called Stringalong. It's available as a pdf and you can access it at our yahoo group Meantime Knitters. If you can't find it, email me at helenarussell at ukonline dot co dot uk and I will send it to you!

It's a small file, only about 250kb but it includes photos too, so should be quite easy to follow. Happy crocheting!

What's on the needles at the moment? The Curse's jumper is still progressing, albeit slowly; I'm nearly at the stage where I have to start the arms - the excitement is almost unbearable! The second version of Widdershins was frogged last night in a fit of pique, I was annoyed with the fact that it looked nowhere near as neat as it had done the first time (because it was on larger needles and looked raggy) and I decided instead to use the yarn to make some of Grumperina's Jaywalker socks. So far so good; the first few rows of rib that I did on the train this morning are looking neat and tidy, but I think it could be a long time to completion. And why do none of my dpn sets contain five needles? I've never really noticed until now, and I'm reduced to scratching around in my dpn needle box to try and find the nearest I can for the fifth one. In this case it's a rather grotty dpn that looks as if it's been knocking around with the Wrong Types for the last couple of years. Think a bit of retail therapy may be needed.

Bejewelled is getting close to finished, but I'm kind of having second thoughts about the yarn. I think I want something lighter. I'm going to finish it anyway and see what it's like - but there's still a chance I may be frogging that too. *sigh*

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