Thursday, January 18

Pre-project excitement!

So, the yoga bag is finished and gift-wrapped, the Widdershins has been frogged and started again *yawn* and the Curse's jumper is still growing slowly. Yeah, I haven't mentioned that before, simply because it's so b..o..r..i..i..i..n..g! It wouldn't be quite so bad if he'd let me do the cable pattern on the bottom band of the Avast but it got vetoed along with anything of any interest to a knitter. So I am resigned to going backwards and forwards in stocking stitch, navy blue rows of about 200 stitches on a circular needle.

I'm the sort of girl (apparently it's a northern thing) who likes to tuck the right needle under her armpit at the start of each row, leaving one hand free to fiddle, adjust, bodge etc - and for obvious reasons, circular needles drive me crazy. I can just about cope with dpns, since they are usually on a small scale, but circular?!

Anyway, back to PPE; decided I need something modest but fun, on a small scale suitable for lugging up to Derbyshire at the weekend and possibly something that I could bring back complete! Enter the lovely Bejeweled scarf - thanks to Lolly for pointing it out and Shobhana for designing it and sharing it with us.

Luckily my sale purchase of two packs of Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran in a lovely turquoise colour from John Lewis a couple of weeks ago meant that I had gorgeous yarn on tap. I have been vindicated! I knew that there was a reason for buying at least five balls more than I needed for a jumper!

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