Wednesday, May 30

Another quick update

Here's the new project that I alluded to yesterday. The yarn is Jaeger extra fine merino aran, shade 554 which is a beautifully deep turquoise. It is very soft, tightly spun and almost edible (not that I make a habit of eating turquoise food...!).I can't remember exactly how much it cost per 50g ball but I know it was Definitely A Bargain in the sales in John Lewis earlier this year. Half price at least, perhaps £2 a ball? Whatever, I bought enough for a large item because I thought it would make a lovely jumper or cardy or whatever.

Of course ever since then I haven't been able to find a pattern that I liked - I've never been very good at adapting patterns to suit the yarn, I'm a bit of a wimp in that way. Or perhaps I'm just not patient enough to swatch, frog, swatch again, experiment, frog etc. But since I haven't been able to find ANYTHING, and getting more and more frustrated, I decided to have a go for myself. I've also been reading some Elizabeth Zimmerman books; her no-nonsense tone and clear explanations have given me a bit more backbone and the courage to make the break!

So first, of course, I swatched! Actually I quite like the logic of swatching on a vaguely appropriate needle size, then adapting the pattern to suit. Rather than swatching on numerous needle sizes until you suit the pattern. Much less effort (ahem!). Of course it makes it more complex if you have to fit in a pattern with a certain number of stitches, etc, but when you are just planning stocking stitch, who cares?

I then cast on for the neck (planning to pick up later when the item is complete, to add whatever style of neck I am in the mood for at the time) and am now increasing down the raglan arms, knitting happily away in the round. Every now and again measuring the length/counting the number of stitches until I know (from the swatch, natch) that the arms will fit. Hmm, so far so simple! I'm liking it at this stage - let's see how things progress!


Nicola said...

How exciting to be designing your own project as you go... one of these days I'll get round to it myself, for now I'll have to live vicariously through you I guess! PS. The finished Monkeys look great :)

smug sheep said...

good to see the Curse's cardigan is done! Make him wear it even if it gets to 30 degrees (actually seems to be little danger of that at present....