Tuesday, May 1

Deptford delights, part I

I cross the bridge from which this photo was taken regularly - whether cycling to the swimming baths, walking into Greenwich, going to meet friends at the Ashburnham Arms or whatever. It's the Ha'penny Bridge over Deptford Creek, looking through the railway bridge, downstream towards the Thames. I love this view because it's always different, with the tide ebbing and flowing, ducks, moorhens and the like sailing up and down the creek, and the changing light. I don't take much notice of the multicoloured shed any more - it's just a rather pleasant backdrop to an altogether more interesting scene. The Creekside Centre right next to the bridge does regular low tide walks through the mud - I must make a mental note to get to one of them this summer. This area is steeped with history, mostly shipbuilding and docks, and when the tide is right out and you can see the stone setts below the water, it brings it all into sharp focus.

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secretsockknitter said...

I took a trip to London a few years ago, and just fell in love with the little canal boats. They are just so charming.