Tuesday, May 29

Monkey business

Back from an odyssey through France and Spain - five trains, several hundred km of driving, four different beds and plenty of continental beer and exotic food!

Not as much knitting as predicted - naturally I took half a suitcase full of yarn and needles along with me, several new patterns, ideas and plans. In the end I did very little.

But I finished the monkey socks! Hurrah! Good job too, as they were much appreciated on the sleeper train back from Cerberes to Paris this morning! I also got quite a long way into my new jumper - which is a 'pattern' of my own I've cobbled together in order to use up the sale yarn I bought earlier this year. Nothing exotic about the pattern, but it's coming out quite nicely! More of that later.

Now I'm off to put the heating on, slip on my socks and curl up under a duvet to enjoy our typical English summer!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the socks! However, I am glad I decided not to make a pair of Monkeys for you myself. :)