Friday, May 11

Knit and crochet

Looky looky! First monkey sock is almost done - it was a good job that I put it on in order to photograph it for the blog, since I hadn't realised I was nearly there and would blithely have carried on patterning the foot until I ran out of yarn! Hopefully I'll be onto the second one within no time at all.

Meanwhile I've been knocking up a few whimsical bits of crochet jewellery. This cotton is very fine and fits the bill perfectly even if it is a little fiddly. The flower necklace is similar to one I've done before, albeit in thicker cotton and a larger size, but the other choker-style is an experiment to see if I can come up with something different.

I've finally had some feedback from my Sockapalooza match with a bit more info about her and her sock preferences. The Excellent News is that she wants blue or brown socks, which is great cos I have absolutely no blue or brown sock yarn in my stash. Hurrah! Retail therapy opportunity awaits!!

And now the magazine has gone to press, you'll be seeing a little more of me, I hope. Of course I mean a little more in terms of frequency, rather than acreage (yikes!)

Incidentally, anyone who lives in the south east London area - a note for your diary. It's open weekend at the Cockpit Arts studio in Deptford next weekend 18/19/20. Come along and see what the crafters in this part of the world get up to - there is everything from textiles and ceramics to jewellery and stained glass, all of it fantastic quality and many things for sale. Start your christmas shopping early!!

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Maggie said...

Super sock! Like your crochet necklaces too. The one that isn't a flower has something of an Egyptian feel to the shape... Not quite sure why!