Saturday, May 19

On the finishing blocks!

Well, here it is at last! The Curse's jumper, in the middle of being blocked and waiting for its zip to be set in! (By the way it's navy- very difficult to photograph, not to mention tedious to knit!

He walks past it every half hour or so and says something like 'It's the dog's!" and 'Wicked!' as well as muttering something very worrying about not wanting to wear it. Well Mister, I can tell you as sure as eggs is eggs you damn well will be wearing it, just as soon as I've got that zip in and eveything is finished!

In the meantime, all is well with the world - the FA Cup result was apparently the right one, and we're off on our hols on Monday!


Maggie said...

Good luck with getting the zip in. I've never even tried to put a zip in something knitted, suspect it would be beyond me! Hope your chap wears it - I think murder would be committed if I knitted something and then it didn't get worn at all! ;-)

Not had time to take more than a cursory glanc at the Vogue Knitting book yet. But I will try and take a few pics of the inside and do a review as soon as I get time.

Have to confess I haven't touched my sock the last few days. Better get on with it this evening when everyone's out clubbing!

Janey said...

Oh my that is fab! Hope the lucky recipient is wearing it proudly!