Tuesday, July 21

Sheep music

Two great words, and a very fun little festival in Presteigne, just over the border in Wales last weekend. To be honest, we went as much for the name and the location as for anything else! Difficult to describe where it is - you go to Worcester and then drive west for about another hour or more, as the roads get smaller, the scenery more beautiful and the cars more scarce.

A sensible call by the organisers meant that all three main performance stages were under cover, and there was plenty of seating to be had all around the site. In fact we were spared rain until Sunday morning, when we had a few hours of showers but not enough to dampen the spirit.

Of course we found knitters - the local Stitch n Bitch hosted a sit and knit for a couple of hours each day outside the 'Village Hall' tent. We met Lisa, who runs the First 4 Yarns shop in Knighton (I nearly wrote Knitton then!) with her mum, and leads a life that many of us would envy! Of course she disabused me of the notion that it's not as idyllic as it sounds - rather than sitting around knitting all day, there are plenty of accounts to be done and other not so glamorous tasks. But I'd still like to give it a try!

Naomi and Claire were also there both days and we enjoyed a few hours chatting and knitting in great company.

The site also had bits of sculpture dotted around, including this - the Mothership. This view inside the large rocket-shaped sculpture explains the theme, a miniature kitchen complete with 1950's kitsch accessories! I suspect the empty beer bottle was added by a festival goer!

Drink: Ludlow Best
Food: Barbecued trout, freshly caught that day.
Cake: Gingerbread
Ice cream: Toffee crunch

Music: 3 Daft Monkeys, Martin Harley, New Rope String Band, and more.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe...my husband worked at this as part of his college course years ago. Glad you had a good time.

Thanks for the holiday suggestions, btw. I'll be sure to update when we make are minds up.