Friday, July 31

Urchin cosy mark II

Latest finished object is this tea cosy, a gift for my friend Emma for her birthday which is tomorrow.

Like my previous urchin cosy, I based the design on Ysolda's Urchin hat pattern from Knitty. I made it slightly longer top to bottom, and made it in two parts (each eight panels which I folded in half to make the cosy thicker). The parts were then sewed together leaving a gap for the spout and handle. With this version, however, I left the bottom of the handle end open, and instead put a large button and loop on it as I wasn't sure how easy it would be to get over the teapot I was knitting for. It's a bit difficult when you have to do it from memory - and to be honest, dimensions of teapots do not figure highly in priority for information to retain in my grey matter!

Instead of an oversize pompom I used the last scraps of yarn to make a long piece of I-cord which I then used to decorate the top.

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Probably Jane said...

Lovely cosy - every home should have one!