Wednesday, July 15

Public knitting at the plinth

On Monday evening I met up with Greenwich Meantime knitters Caterina and Ellen for a vaguely impromptu public knit next to the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, which is currently the focus of a public art project curated by Anthony Gormley.

It wasn't just a random place to meet - we were there because knitter Marian Cinnamond was on the plinth for an hour, and we wanted to support her.

We were blessed by a pleasant sunny evening, not something to be taken for granted in the unsettled weather we are having at the moment, and we settled down on the steps and were very quickly joined by half a dozen other knitters who had come along for the same reason.

Marian took her place on the plinth and knitted away for an hour, pausing occasionally to answer questions from onlookers or to throw Cadbury's eclairs to the crowd. Everyone was very interested in what we were doing, and we got constant questions about whether we knew Marian, what we were doing, why we were here, what we were making, knitters who hadn't got any knitting with them wishing they could join in, photos taken, and some of the group were even interviewed for a documentary about Wensleydale sheep.

Which leads neatly on to the lovely 'real world' happening of the evening - I finally got to meet Felix of the Domestic Soundscape! I've been reading Felix's blog for some time now, enjoying her musings on food, knitting, domestic chores, music and life in general, and we even swapped mixtapes earlier in the year - she sent me a fantastic blend of knitting-related tracks and folky favourites, and I responded with some of my best-loved listening.

Felix was knitting with her giant needles and also carrying out some interviews with knitters for the documentary she is hoping to make, if she can get funding. I always enjoy meeting cyberfriends in the flesh, and have not been disappointed yet (if you ignore several rather disastrous online dating experiences but that all has rather different expectations attached).

Unfortunately since it was an impromptu knit I didn't have my camera with me, but a couple of Felix's friends have blogged about the evening, with photos, and you can read them here and here.

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