Tuesday, July 7

Socks for Laura

I've finally managed to send the first Pay it Forward gift - and having had confirmation from Laura that she received the socks, am going to share them with you at last! I really enjoyed knitting the Spring Forward pattern from Knitty, in Lang Jawoll sock yarn - both the pattern and the yarn were a delight, and it was strange and rather exciting to be knitting something for someone I had never met. I am definitely going to do this pattern again, for myself this time!

My other two PIF recipients seem to have gone under the radar somewhat - possibly also as a result of me taking so long to send them yarny goodness I'm afraid :-( I'm going to try and nudge them and resurrect the plan, although I might have to extend my deadline a bit!

1 comment:

pixlkitten said...

Perhaps in the long run it is good that you are taking your time. I had forgotten about PIF until you mentioned it. This way it will keep the PIF vibe "in the now".