Wednesday, July 15

Skullholders for Sal

These groovy potholders were crocheted for Sal's birthday, and presented to her last weekend when I visited Leicester for the night. As is now traditional, handmade gifts were to the fore, with Lisa making a beautiful silver necklace for Sal's birthday too. You might remember Lisa and Sal from the homemade gifting on my birthday at the end of last year.

As you can see from that post, Sal does a lot of baking, and so the potholders seemed like the perfect gift. The pattern is Skullholders from the Happy Hooker book, the yarn is Rowan Allseasons Cotton which I bought from MCA Direct - I needed two balls of each colour. It didn't take long to make the potholders and it was quite simple once I got the hang of carrying the second colour along through the middle of the crocheting. However I did have to keep a close eye on the number of stitches as I found if I didn't, it was quite easy to add or lose a stitch or two without noticing.

The potholders were very well received, I hope they prove useful and practical!


Gareth Gardner said...

These are soooooo cool!!! I can think of a small goth who would like to get his hands on these!

Brianna said...

Did you get this pattern out of The Happy Hooker book? I made these too, a few years ago in black and bright pink for a goth friend and she loved them!