Sunday, November 22

Favourite cardy

One of the great things about winter is rediscovering old knitted friends. I had totally forgotten how warm and comfy my Deptford Park Hoodie is, but since digging it out of the bottom drawer for the winter months I'm enjoying the rekindling of our flame. This item really eliminates the need for an autumn/spring jacket - it's warm enough to wear through all except the coldest days, with only the addition of a thin waterproof jacket needed for the wet days. I put this outfit to the test quite thoroughly over the weekend during one of the wettest visits I've ever had to Somerset!

Last year I even wore the hoodie on my birthday - just a few days before Christmas day! I just found the photo to remind me - sorry but you won't be seeing it as it's not particularly flattering!

I love it so much that I'm planning to knit another one, although I'm toying with the idea of making it a jumper rather than a cardigan since the buttons tend to gape somewhat over my ample chest (rather like some men).


Clare said...

I love it! I wish I had the ability to make one. It takes me all my time to make tiny things for kids though...

pixlkitten said...

I like the length of that cardigan. It flatters you.