Sunday, November 15

November bonus day

After the heavy rains and strong winds of yesterday, today was what I call a real 'bonus' day. Not only was the weather glorious, but the Curse and I had no commitments, no shopping to do, no errands or other things trying to snag our attention. It was unplanned, unexpected and delightful.

We left the chicken seasoned and ready for the oven, then hopped on a train for a few stops down to Abbey Wood, to do a few miles of the Green Chain walk. This is a lovely route which links most of south-east London's woodlands, parks, open spaces (and in some cases the odd grotty suburban road, but you have to take the rough with the smooth). It passes lots of train stations and bus stops, so it's a great asset when you want to go for a bit of a yomp but don't want to travel too far. You can make it as long or as short as you want, and there are lots of different branches so you can choose a different route each time. I've done all of the route at least once, and some sections half a dozen times or more.

Today we walked about four miles from Abbey Wood station through Lesnes Abbey, Bostall Woods, East Wickham Open Space and Shooters Hill. The light was glorious, the going was a bit squelchy underfoot but nothing too bad, and the experience was memorable.

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