Wednesday, November 25

Spreading myself too thinly?

I've been wondering more and more of late, just where my spare time goes to. So I started adding up in my head all my extra-curricular activities, hobbies, commitments and locations of friends and relatives. Soon all became clear - here's a taster.

Close family in Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Austria (although the latter is currently in Japan!). Just visiting all the rellys can take some months.

Close friends in London & surrounds, Somerset, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, West Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire.

Gardener for the Curse's mum.

Friend to elderly neighbour.

Trustee of pension fund at work.

First aider at work.

Leader of weekend conservation tasks for BTCV

Membership of various committees and groups for Lewisham Homes (our freeholder)

Pilates (once a week)
Swimming (at least once a week)
Deep tissue massage (once a month)

Knitter/spinner/trainee weaver

Pickle-maker and cake baker

Author of two blogs (updated fairly regularly)

Usually the only person in our block of maisonettes who chases up poor caretaking, grass that needs cutting, bins that haven't been emptied, etc etc

Did I mention that somehow I also manage to work four days a week and keep a relationship going? Perhaps it's as well that the Curse is so preoccupied with football, keeps him busy when I'm at one or other of my tasks!

Now I need a sit down.

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