Monday, November 2

Still no heating

Feeling slightly smug today about the fact that we still haven't put our heating on. The warm snap at the end of October helped us to get to the end of the month (our target) but we still haven't got the old hot-air heating set up for winter yet.

We are lucky to have a well-insulated maisonette and I'm sure we benefit from our neighbours' heating somewhat but I'm still quite proud of progress.

Last night the Curse made a comment about how we might want to start thinking about putting the heating on 'since we're now wearing our cardigans'. I replied that I was trying to save a bit more on the heating to make up for the day he went to work and left the iron on and the fridge door ajar.

'Nuff said.


colleen said...

Well done on the heating! It all adds up. I had ours on once in October when my indoor cardigan was not quite enough to generate enough heat to keep my nose warm and have just given in to evening heating when the temperature drops.

pixlkitten said...

Doesn't saving money just warm your heart?