Wednesday, November 4

A tale of two mittens - part I

Some time ago, even before I went on holiday in September, I took a notion to knit a pair of mittens for a friend's birthday. Since I had a bagful of leftover sock yarns I decided to do something cute and colourful, and I chose these lovely Swedish Fish mittens from Spilly Jane. I decided to cut the top off and make them fingerless, which I thought would be more useful for my dog-walking friend.

My first attempt, using a slightly larger needle size than recommended (cos that's what I had handy), turned out far too big. I got a few rows in and then I frogged.

I decided to go right down to 2mm, as recommended. I didn't have any with me on holiday so I went out and bought some - luckily there was a yarn shop near to hand, Knit & Natter in Carmarthen, as seen by Brenda Dayne.

So I tried again. I got all the way to the top of the first one before I decided it was still a bit too loose.

I know it doesn't really look that big on the photo, but believe me, my hand was swimming inside all those little fishies, and I think my friend has even smaller mitts than me, so I was a bit anxious about sizing.

I decided to try and make the second one a bit narrower by leaving out some of the fish. If it worked, I would frog the first one and knit it again to the narrower design. Ideally I should have just dropped one of the fish, but that would have made the whole thing a bit lopsided, one of the fish would wrap around the side of the hand and it would all be a bit crap. I decided I should leave out one fish on each side of the mitt. That would do the trick.

By the time I started getting close to the thumb position I had already lost hope - I could get the mitt on but it was a tight squeeze. What would it be like over the wider bit of my hand?

Ideally I should have frogged and cast on using the same adapted pattern but the larger needles. By now, however, my friend's birthday was just days away and I was sick of fish. And everyone likes champagne, don't they? (I know that's not true, I learned it from bitter experience at a 50th birthday party. That's what you get for trying to help out a loved one who's too lazy to go to the shops. But that's another story).

Maybe I will come back to the fishy mittens in due course, but right now I never want to see them again.


colleen said...

Maybe the next attempt will go swimmingly.

PS Rooster will be appearing soon


Gareth Gardner said...

Whatever the size issue, those mittens sure are cute!