Sunday, November 8

Green tomato chutney

It's that time of year when the tomato plants are just shadows of their former selves, but still laden with green tomatoes which it would be a shame to waste. Last time I grew tomatoes I ended up freecycling a few bagfuls as I had loads more plants and winter came earlier. This year I just had eight plants, half of them were cherry tomatoes which finish fruiting much earlier, and the late warm weather meant that the others just kept ripening, albeit slowly.

But this weekend I decided it was time to strip the plants of their last fruits an d make the traditional green tomato chutney.

The first bit is the worst bit.

'Mince the tomatoes (3lbs) onions (1.5lbs) and apples (1.5lbs).'

Sounds so simple doesn't it?

Not owning a good food processor I always resort to my Spong for mincing. It's a great little bit of kit, even if it does require that elusive fuel, elbow grease, and can really take it out of you. I bought mine from a car boot sale years ago, it cost a couple of quid I think and it is 100% reliable! The one I have is a few years older than the one my mum used to own, and which I remember my dad swearing at when trying to mince the rosehips for his wine-making. I know how he feels now.

My recommendation if you are following the elbow grease method is to start with the tomatoes, progress to the onions, and leave the apples till last, when you are nigh-on exhausted.

The minced tomatoes look like Kryptonite (according to the Curse).

Put all the minced stuff in a big pan, sprinkle with 2tsp salt, cover and leave overnight. The rest of the recipe tomorrow.

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