Friday, November 20

Eastbourne, East Sussex

On a windy and wet day we travelled down to the south coast for lunch with friends in Eastbourne.

The sea was rough on the shingle beach and in contrast to the scene you see on summer days, the seafront was devoid of old folks and their mobility scooters.

We visited the new Towner art gallery - a beautiful building with some lovely exhibition spaces and great views across the tennis club and out to the South Downs. One of my favourite artists, Eric Ravilious, lived in Eastbourne for much of his life and hence it's a great place to see his work and find obscure books about him and his contemporaries.

Tomorrow I'm off to Somerset for the weekend, then sadly it's back to work on Monday. I think it's fair to say I've made the most of my week's holiday though!


Brianna Mae said...

I love Eastbourne. Been there a few times and I always have such a lovely time...

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