Saturday, November 7

Jam or cream?

On the train on the way home from my friend's house last night I was flicking through the Evening Standard (now a free paper) and happened across a spurious article about what order you should put your jam and clotted cream on your scone.

I can't say I've ever thought about it, but on reflection I've realised that I always put the jam on first and then the clotted cream. I don't put butter on at all, that would be too much. Clotted cream is already calorie-laden enough without adding another high-fat product to it, especially when it doesn't improve the flavour.

So for all you cream tea virgins, here's the instructions.

1. Slice scone in half
2. Spread a medium-thick layer of jam
3. Dollop on as much clotted cream as you can without attracting undue attention.
4. Scoff the lot with a nice cup of tea - preferably out of a china cup. That's how we do things over here.



Gareth Gardner said...

A very conservative guide to cream teas! Can I suggest this alternative:

1 Slice scone in half.
2 Throw half of it away - who needs all that dried fruit anyway?
3 Slather on some clotted cream.
4 Wave the jam jar at the scone. Not too vigorously though!
5 Spread on a bit more cream for good luck.
6 Mmm. Got a bit of cream on my fingers there. Better lick that off.
7 Well, it's now looking a bit untidy in the old clotted cream tub. Just scrape a bit more out to make it look nicer.
8 Whoops! All the clotted cream has gone.
9 Call ambulance for imminent cardiac arrest.

Rowan said...

jam and butter on one half, cream on the other, drop one on top of the other and devour whilst making unattractive hog like noises. best done in the privacy of your own home, I find ;)

colleen said...

Most definitely jam first then cream. Not sure about scones and honey though. Will have to experiment.

pixlkitten said...

Thanks for the lesson. Next time I go to the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC I will know what to do with my clotted cream.