Sunday, November 29

Norwegian star earflap hat

The hat has finally been presented to its recipient - only to come back home again with me for a little alteration. That's the problem with making something as a gift, although I had the measurements I couldn't try it on for the full effect until it was finished. It ended up being a bit too pointy so I'm adjusting the rate of decrease on the crown.

I used the Norwegian star earflap hat pattern by the awesome Tienneknits with a bit of adaptation (the pompom was a must, the ties were unwanted). It was simple enough to use, and I made it in Rowan cashsoft 4ply, which I used double.

I knitted the hat first, then picked up stitches and knitted the earflaps from the top down, reversing the instructions and decreasing rather than increasing.

It was very well received!


Probably Jane said...

Excellent hat!

pixlkitten said...

I like the gray and gold together. Wearing a gray hat around here makes your head look camaflaged.

jane said...

What a beautiful combination of colours! The pompom is perfect too. I love it.

Gareth Gardner said...

Too right it was well received! I was gutted that it had to slip from my grasp and be returned for slight alterations.

The grey and gold are a fantastic combination and the pom pom is the fluffy cherry on the cake.