Sunday, February 11

Beginning and end

This weekend, apart from going through the learning process I mentioned in my previous post, I managed to finish one thing, and begin another (leaving aside the oversized ipod cover).

Finished my Bejeweled scarf - here is the completed item hanging over the washing line on our balcony (I LOVE having a washing line, by the way, after so many years of living in a flat with no outside space. We still hang our washing up indoors on a regular basis, of course, but when the sun is out and there's a breeze, you can dry anything in what seems like only minutes). But I digress. I'm not sure my yarn choice was right for Bejeweled - although it fits with the specified yarn, it's aran weight and lovely and soft, but I think I might have preferred something lighter. I need to block it and see if the finished product improves.

I also cast on for a Project Spectrum experiment - to make a stripy hat, to my own design, with some stash leftovers. I wanted to make it in the round, with wide ribbing, and stripes, and was interested to see if I could invent the pattern myself, successfully.

As a matter of fact I've just finished it this evening, successful in that it's a hat, to my own (very simple) pattern with wide ribbing and stripes; I will be modelling it tomorrow if and when I get chance to take a photo. As I approach the second deadline in two weeks, I'm hanging on for some time out once it's all over.

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