Sunday, February 11

Things I have learnt this weekend

1. The leftover yarn from Lotte's project is a washable wool. So the black ipod sock I made to order for the Curse is never going to be the right size, no matter how many times I put it through the washing machine. Time to either knit one to measure, or buy some wool that will felt.

2. I cannot make bread. To be honest, this wasn't so much a learning experience, as a case of finally admitting defeat. It always starts off well, the mixing and kneading and the initial rising always go to plan. It's the proving of the mixture that never works for me. Yesterday's attempt was no different; by the time I got it into the tin and covered it and left it to prove before baking it, the mixture seemed to have given up on rising. When it finally got into the oven it was a huge effort just to peek over the top of the loaf tin before baking into the usual dense, chewy brick. It's not like it doesn't taste good, and I will probably eat it all without too much trouble, I'd just like to be able to make bread with some kind of lightness of being. Is it too much to ask?

3. My finishing off of ends is much more thorough than it seems to be at the time. When I'm sewing in the ends I always wonder if I should do a couple more loops, just to make absolutely sure. Note to self: you do not need to do any more loops. Your current technique is more than adequate. Of course I only find this out when I try to frog something right from the start; in this case the nasty gloves. I loved the yarn when I first got it (variegated, hand-dyed wool that I bought in Harrogate) but I managed to have a total brainstorm and create something clunky and ugly out of something lovely. The gloves were so bad that I haven't made them available for public viewing, they have been lurking in my knitting bag for a few weeks while I lick my wounds. Now, after wrestling with the first glove for several hours on Friday night, only having managed to frog one in a whole evening (and knowing that the resulting ball of yarn has quite a few bits to it) I am starting to hate it. I fear it will end up in the bin if it doesn't unravel obligingly next time I try to do it.

4. My patience DOES have limits. The time limit is quite short.

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