Friday, February 2

Blue is the colour..

..of about 95% of the Curse's wardrobe. And by the looks of it, of most of my stash! Had a quick scout around last night for blue, white and grey yarn for Project Spectrum. Having originally thought I might have to go out and shop (!) I've now realised that the stash more extensive than I imagined. I believe it's called Denial. Some of my favourites on here: the lovely sock yarn which was a 40th birthday present from Melanie is leftish of the middle, it's a gorgeous mixture of blues, greys and orangey-browns, and feels like it will be heaven to knit with. On the right, two skeins of organic yarn I picked up from a little shop in Penzance, Cornwall, when I was down there on holiday. I'd like to do some kind of natural dye on this, so perhaps it will be saved for a dyeing course (if I ever get organised...!)

So, my initial thought was to knit something like gloves or a hat from the lovely blue variegated DK I got from the Natural Dye Store on Ebay, or start up with the bluey-brown Freedom yarn I picked up on Chesterfield market a couple of months ago...but then I started thinking about the reason I joined Project Spectrum. I'm ALREADY knitting a huge blue thing for the Curse, and that will be enough blue for the next two months, I'm sure! So why not try white or grey, or even both? At the back of the pic you might spot a couple of loneyly balls of Rowan DK tweed that are left over from the felted hot-water bottle cover I'm giving my friend Lisa for her 40th birthday (which just happens to be today!). There is white and dark grey, plus a lighter grey ball of Kid Classic (I think..!), I'm going to try and combine them into some kind of stripy item, hopefully a hat.

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Rowan said...

I had no idea you were such a keen knitter. I like knitting but unfortunately my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome limits what I can do these days - if I knit anything, its usually stuff for incredibly small babies :-)