Tuesday, February 27

Can't get away from it!

Well, a two-day trip to Scotland for work. Who'd have thought it would involve yarn, over and above the sock-knitting opportunity afforded by the flights to and from Edinburgh?

But there's no denying it, a seasoned knitter can never avoid yarn-purchasing opportunities, even if she is making no attempt to seek them out! So there I was, having completed Monday's interview of the Forth Bridge bridgemaster, with a couple of hours of daylight left. Since I had a hire car I decided to drive to Falkirk and check out the Falkirk Wheel. I was just driving through the lovely town of Linlithgow when I slowed for a pedestrian on the crossing. My eyes were inexplicably drawn to the shops on the right hand side of the road... and there it was! Nifty Needles! It was calling me!

It would have been rude not to stop - just for a quick visit, you understand? To show solidarity with the UK's independent yarn stores and support local businesses. Oh boy, I'm so glad I did! I saw some of the Sublime yarns at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show last year, but by that time I'd seriously overspent and didn't feel I could justify additional purchases. On seeing them again at Nifty Needles I realised that I NEEDED THEM BADLY! Hence a purchase was negotiated. (The Good Me: "no, you don't need any more yarn"; the Bad Me: "HA HA HAaaa.....").

It's not just the yarns, you understand (merino, cashmere, angora, silk etc) it's the colours. You won't find much detail at the Sublime website, but just try the shade cards on the McA Direct page and you will be hooked. So I ended up with two balls of baby cashmere marino silk DK in Pebble, and one in a purple shade that's not illustrated: also two balls of angora merino in Husk. No idea what any of them will become, but I feel inspiration is not far away.

Other knitting news: Jaywalkers are finished!


Nicola said...

Hooray for finished Jaywalkers! They ought to brighten up the rest of the dull days before spring returns.

rahime said...

Ooh, that yarn looks nice! Any plans?

Knit Nurse said...

It's my sister's birthday (*ahem*) today, I'm thinking of a scarf or something in the Oyster with some nice Scandinavian pattern running through it in purple. I know it sounds like I'm criminally disorganised and late with her present, but she's three months late with mine so I'm not losing any sleep right now!

Erssie said...

Hi there.

Had some trouble linking to you today, blogger kept sending me all over the place!

My ghostkulls patterns are available as pdfs, I normally invoice for patterns like this at $2 through Paypal. I have tweaked the adult one an awful lot and might have to redo my guage section as I accidently used the wrong needles to no ill effect (hey very Elizabeth Zimmerman)

Also did not wrap my strands in so hanging loose and very comfy and the Fairisle looks so much better.

I am working on an Erssie collection of patterns with a view to publishing , don't think these will be in the book though (aaaw no-one seems to want them!).

If you could let me know exactly what size you require I can send you a pattern unofficially when it is ready provided it is not going to be in a book and I continue to sell separately.