Sunday, February 4

"More glass than wall"

Hardwick Hall, in Derbyshire: built by Bess of Hardwick, a feisty chick if ever there was one. She is the absolute heroine of my friend Lisa.

Lisa and I enjoyed a delightful walk past the hall yesterday, in the glorious sunshine; she has been celebrating her 40th birthday this weekend with a whole programme of events; dancing on the tables at Bistro Live in Nottingham on Friday was her particular highlight, I think.

It wasn't till I was wrapping up her presents - a hand-made, felted hot-water bottle cover and a copy of Stitch n Bitch Handbook - that I realised how totally unglamorous they were as gifts for a 40-year old! Instead of giving her some delicate jewellery, a day out driving sports cars, or a ticket to see one of her favourite bands, I might as well have been wrapping up a zimmerframe or a box of hair dye. Luckily Lisa is a recent convert to knitting, and was delighted with them! Phew!


Rowan said...

I've just read a biography of Bess of Hardwick. V interesting woman.

What I can't remember is whether I've been to Harwick Hall or not. I spent my early teens being dragged to every stately hall within a couple of hours driving distance of home, so the chances are that I have done.

I've certainly been to Chatsworth and Haddon Hall
(which is v close to Chatsworth) - possibly my favourite stately home ever, but rather cheesily because it was in the castle in The Princess Bride, which is one of my favourite films ever :-)

Pia said...

Interesting to know.