Friday, February 9

Lotte's first project

My student has finished her first project - a little black ipod sock - and she's had her first order within hours of sewing in the last end! The sock is a gift for someone special, I understand; it's a very neat little ribbed ipod sock in cashmerino sock yarn, with a fastener to go across the top and prevent the ipod from slipping out. Super-stylish and very soft.

Lotte's ribbing is extremely neat for a beginner; not to worry that she can't yet recognise the difference between a knit and purl stitch just by looking at it. I can't remember how long it is before these sort of things become second nature, but I guess I shouldn't expect it all at once. Only about an hour after completion, another colleague asked Lotte if she would make one for her MP3 player. It's a different shape to the regular ipod, and she wants a window so she can see the screen. Hmm, that's next week's challenge then.....

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