Friday, February 9

Keeping abreast of things

Another great link, this time from my mate Sal in Leicester (hello to the knitters at DMU!), who found this on the internet and thought of me.

It's good to know that the skills of knitters are being used in some of the most unexpected circumstances, but I'll be honest this report did make me giggle a bit. I particularly liked the *ahem* titbit of information "The breasts are produced in a variety of skin shades," as if they are going to start pitching to the cosmetic surgery market.

Joking aside, there is a market for knitted tits as prosthetics for women who have lost breasts to cancer - see this link. Rather classy in my opinion, and certainly more fun than the old chicken fillets. I liked the look of the 'Floosie' range.

And if you want to make a complete set of knitted whimsies, don't forget to whip up your own woolly womb, or for you boys out there... scroll down the page on this link and...yup!

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