Wednesday, February 7

Lengthening days

Bejewelled (or should I say Bejeweled?) scarf is slowly growing longer, I'm hoping to get it long enough to wear before I reach the end of my third ball of wool. But hey, if I don't, I've got another 17 in my stash so it's no big problem! I'm not sure the yarn really works with this pattern, perhaps it will be better once I've blocked it, it just doesn't look as lacey as the original. This photo doesn't really do the colour justice - I only see daylight at the weekends so I had to just take a quick snap in the office for the sake of the blog. Don't worry, it will be displayed in its full glory and in full daylight when it's finished.

Other projects - the Jaywalker socks are on hold right now since I lost one of my needles on the train on the way to work the other day. And it wasn't even the scabby one, which was doubly annoying! The first sleeve of the Curse's jumper gets slowly longer, it's my TV project at the moment, and as for all the other plans (hats, gloves, etc) they are all waiting for that glorious day, about two weeks from now, when I reclaim my life for my own. Deadlines, deadlines!

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