Wednesday, February 21

Is she mad?

Susie Hewer is planning to run the London marathon this year. But she's done it twice already and this year has decided to make it a bit more fun by knitting at the same time. Yes, you heard correctly! It's not just for fun, however, it's part of her 50th birthday challenge, and she's also hoping to raise money for the Alzheimer's Research Trust in the process. You can find out more at her blog.

Hands up anyone who would even have considered running and knitting as compatible activities?! Since I'm crap at the first and need to concentrate heavily on the second, I know that I wouldn't stand a chance. And how can you tuck your needles under your arm when they (your arms) are flailing about all over the place? (yes, it's not a pretty sight when I get on the treadmill!!) Mind you, it would be a great excuse to slow down! Well good luck Susie, if I'm around that weekend I'll walk down to the end of our street and wave my latest project at you as you knit your way along Creek Road.

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